About company

About us

4 SPORT Ltd. - sport-and-marketing company was established being registrated on 22 February 2002. As it follows from its name, the company´s activities are aimed at supporting sport and sport reelated activities such as:

  • arranging, organising and mediating sport, cultural and social events, workshops and courses
  • advisory services
  • operation of sports facilities
  • advertising
  • marketing 

Nowadays sport is a great phenomenon of society and brings millions of spectators all over the world to the stadiums and viewers in front of Tvs daily. During top sport events such as Olympic Games or World Championships, and even national or international contests huge crowds of people are getting moving only to see their idols - sport stars with their own eyes. As a matter of fact sport events are bearing the idea "benefit with pleasure", which means that sponsorship, donation and advertising are involved inseparably. So supporting of sportsmen, teams or sport events to call emotions, impressions, experience and adrenalin into play of both the sportsmen and spectators is the aim of all sport related companies. Being advertised in a variety of ways they are seen by fans around the world, a single country or a region, and this is the way they get into the fans´ conscious.

The first objective

of our company is matching two fundamental phenomenas of sport force which are:

  • sport events on the one hand
  • sponsors and advertisers who intend to make their position in the market and among sport fans visible and relevant on the other hand.

As far as it is concerned we have succesfully  build up modern traditions of  big youth sport events without borders or frontiers limits so that home teams can compare their force, efficiency,skills and the art of sport with the ones of their contemporaries from abroad.
These events serve for eliminating or abating barriers among individuals, teams and representatives of different nations, and for learning the other countries. Since its beginning our company organise annuals 4 big international sport events:

The tournaments started to write their history gradually from the year of 2002 and year by year they are increasing not only the number of participants and countries participating, but also quality of organising and material and technical background of the tournaments. Due to it especially football tournaments have become a part of European international youth tournaments timetable.

The second area

  is the operation of:

  • Bowling pri trati  -  8-track professional bowling with restaurant, cafe, summer terrace and child playground,
  • 4 SPORT Areál -  Sport facility in the Center of the City



              Beer fest                                                                                             Prešov Sales and axhibition    markets


The third area

is aimed at establishing some cooperation with the sport teams who are making effort to turn professionals or to improve their efficiency and position in professional sport. As far as this area is concerned, we:

- establish useful contacts

- provide advisory services

- work out marketing strategy

- find sponsors and advertisers.

As for plans for future 4 SPORT s r.o. intends to work:

  • with the youth with regard to creating such material and technical background which will support the development of young sportsmen in our region and all the country as well
  • in the field  of  leasure time cultural, social, sports and active rest services for citizans living in the suburbs and Prešov surrounding.

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